April 2018…Really?

*Emerges post-blogging hibernation to realise the first quarter of 2018 will be coming to an end soon – “What the Fudge?!”* It’s been a while would be an understatement!¬† You know when you just end up cocooned in your own bubble – that’s been me for the past few months. Sounds pretty self-absorbed I know, … More April 2018…Really?

6 Things I’ve Been Obsessed with This November

I can’t believe the end of November is upon us! Tomorrow will officially mark the arrival of winter, and more importantly, it’s Christmas tree weekend. It might seem early, but I love this time of year and in terms of putting up a tree, the first weekend of December seems reasonable right?¬†Although I’m sad to … More 6 Things I’ve Been Obsessed with This November