6 Things I’d Rather Spend My Money on Instead of a Big Indian Wedding

Photo by James Douglas on Unsplash

We all know weddings can be expensive affairs. But Indian weddings take things to a another level. Apparently the average cost of a wedding in the UK in 2017 is £27, 161. Indian weddings can be a bit more pricey – unsurprising given they are 3 day (+) events. Based on the experience of family and friends, I’ve heard people paying anywhere between £20,000 – £50,000 (+), which is a hefty amount of mulah. But hey, each to their own right? So taking into consideration the ball park figures I’m familiar with, here are 6 things I’d rather spend £35,000 instead of having a big Indian wedding.

1. A deposit for a my own place

£35,000 would definitely contribute nicely as a deposit towards my own place. I’m determined to buy my own place – it’s what I’ve been diligently saving for. The thought of blowing my savings on a wedding makes me shudder. I may not be ready to commit to a man, but I’m more than ready to commit to a mortgage. 

2. Multiple holidays

If I think how much I spend on holidays now (which is probably a pretty conservative amount) with £35,000 I can only imagine the places I could travel! Surely I could do the world with that? (Maybe a modest trip around the world). World aside, I’m certain I could tick everywhere on my current bucket-list at least, and do that very comfortably indeed. 

3. 2692 trips to Nandos

OK, I’m not saying I would do this – I’m just trying to paint a picture here. I love Nandos, it’s my go-to treat and I’ll be a loyal customer till the end of my days. I spend around £13 every time I hit Nandos, which buys me a main with two sides and a drink. So if we take £35K and divide that by £13 – it gives me a grand total of 2692 trips, which would definitely cover me until the end of my days. In fact, if I went twice a month, I’d have a Nandos supply for the next 112 years.

Why would I want to feed random people over a 3 day wedding, when I could be feeding myself Nandos for life?! Let’s be real here, Indian wedding guests lists can be 300+ and there is no way the bride and groom will know that many people that intimately. Or maybe they do and I’m just a skeptic?

4. A worthwhile cause

If I had £35,000 disposable income, I’d would donate it to a worthwhile cause over blowing it on a 3 day wedding. A 3 day wedding where I wouldn’t even know the majority of the guest list – some of whom I’m sure would be sitting there gossiping and comparing my wedding to the wedding of their husband’s, brother’s, wife’s, sister’s son. Or some other distant relation whose wedding they were invited to because Indian culture dictates an expansive guest list.

5. Lifetime goodies

£35,000 would cover some of my staples for the rest of my life (and probably then some)! I could cover my gym membership for life, and squeeze in some regular personal training sessions. I could also easily cover my entertainment memberships for life with that amount of mulah, I’m talking Spotify, NowTV, Amazon Prime etc – heck I could even jump on the Netflix bandwagon! 

6. University tuition Fees

OK, so in the event I have child (*mental note to self: find a man first*), £35,000 would cover one child’s tuition fees, and probably their University accommodation for the first year. A massive high five to the Government on this one – I take some solace in the demise of the LibDems. The only problem being if I had two children, guess only one of them is going to University. 

How about you? Would you have a big wedding, or would you rather spend that money on something else?

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