The Guy Who Just Wanted an Instagram Picture

Photo by Hans Vivek on Unsplash

So I went on a date this weekend just gone, and sadly, it didn’t pan out well. I say sadly because I thought this guy had potential. We started chatting on a dating site and eventually progressed to WhatsApp. It seemed like we had a lot in common and after a couple of weeks of messaging, he finally suggested meeting. I’m quite old school in that I prefer the guy to take the lead when it comes to organising the first date. And his first date suggestion was actually pretty cool. He suggested we check out the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition at the Barbican.

I first came across Basquiat’s work when I purchased a jumper with a Basquiat print from Uniqlo. So when he mentioned the exhibition I was all ears and raring to go. I had a couple of hesitations with this guy, one of which was his height. I’m not the tallest girl by any means, standing at a pretty average 5 foot 7 inches. However, among Indians, that’s pretty tall for a girl, and sadly, Indian guys aren’t the tallest in the world either.

This guy’s profile had him down at 5’7. And having experienced this problem before, I was hesitant that he would actually be shorter in person than his profile stated. Why is it that guys insist on adding a few extra inches to their height when it comes to their dating profile? Do they think their date won’t notice? My other reservation was the fact he seemed a bit too into Instagram for my liking. I’ve set up an account for my blog, but it’s pretty evident that I’m not an avid Instagrammer.

But in the spirit of trying to avoid being height-ist and judgmental, I wanted to meet him. We seemed to have good banter after all, and that’s more important than height and social media addictions right? Although it did mean no heeled ankle boots for my date, which are my go-to shoe this time of year. When we met, he was slightly shorter than me. *Sigh*. However, this wasn’t an immediate deal breaker. What was a little surprising was the fact he seemed more quiet and nervous than I expected – and there was no immediate chemistry. *Bigger sigh*. 

We went around the exhibition and he mentioned several times he was gutted that photography wasn’t allowed – ‘how will my Instagram followers know I was here?’ His words, not mineI don’t think it was said in jest either which made me cringe a bit, but little did I know, the best moment was yet to come. Once we’d done our rounds of the exhibition he suggested we look for a Basquiat inspired Banksy nearby. Again I like Banksy’s stuff, so happily agreed.

When we located the Banksy, before I knew it, he was shoving his jacket in my hand saying ‘hold this‘, which he quickly corrected to ‘please hold this‘, followed by, ‘take a picture for my Instagram?’ 

I’ve never had a date ask me to take a picture of them for their Instagram before. I’m not the best photographer, and I was taken aback by his request, so quickly snapped a couple of pictures and handed him back his phone. It kind of felt like a random tourist had asked me to take their picture in front of Big Ben. I asked him if the snaps were OK, and he said they were alright, but his facial expression clearly showed he wasn’t impressed with my photography. He then asked me if I wanted a picture – no, no thank you. As we walked away from the Banksy I was equally amused and confused by what had just happened. 

Soon after, we parted ways to head to our respective tube stations. We exchanged an awkward hug goodbye and I’ve not heard from him since  – which I’m pretty happy about. I have no intention to get in touch with him, and he clearly feels the same. Although I am left thinking, he just wanted to go on this date to get a cultured, arty picture for his Instagram followers! 

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