6 Things I’ve Been Obsessed with This October

Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

October has flown by! I’m sitting here in awe of the fact it’s November tomorrow. I’m happy because Christmas is around the corner, but also sad that all things pumpkin are drawing to a close for another year. Beside dropping my phone down the toilet, October has been a pretty smooth month. The phone dunking was unexpected, but apparently it’s more common than you might think? Phone fiascos aside, here are a few things I’ve been obsessed with this month:

1. Thigh-high boots

So I bought my first ever pair of thigh-high boots this month and haven’t looked back since. Why didn’t I buy a pair sooner? They are incredibly comfortable, warm, and to me, feel a teeny bit rebellious. The raised a couple of eyebrows, despite being flat boots, someone suggested they might be verging on lady-of-the-night-esk. I don’t think they give off that vibe, but also couldn’t care less if they do. I always struggle with long boots because I have pretty slender legs and dislike boots which gape around my calf. But these thigh-high beauties fit like a glove. Thank you ASOS for these amazing boots.

2. Bullet journal

This month I started my first ever bullet journal and it’s been a real game changer. I intend to write a separate post on this because I’ve learnt a lot over the last month through bujo-ing. What I will say for now, is that if you’re considering bullet journalling, take the plunge. 

3. Halloumi and hummus 

Last month it was sun-dried tomatoes and olives, this month I’ve still been munching on those bad boys like crazy, but I’ve thrown halloumi and hummus into the mix too. I feel like I’m going through a serious antipasti, Mediterranean food phase! Despite the cold weather, I’ve been loving large salads for dinner. As I type this, I’m already thinking about tomorrow’s dinner plans, slightly worrying I know.

4. Chocolate mounds

I’ve never been much of a baker. It’s never really interested me. When people mention The Great British Bakeoff, I’m always like meh. I mean don’t get me wrong, I love baked goods, but I’m better at eating them, then baking them. But I’m trying to expand my food horizons by making sure I cook or bake something new every weekend. And oddly, I’ve been in a dessert making mood lately. I searched the internet for slightly healthier treats and stumbled across this chocolate mound recipe on Popsugar. This recipe is The One. Not only are these chocolate mounds super easy to make, but they are delicious! They satisfy my dessert making urges, alongside my sweet tooth and desire to stay reasonably healthy when it comes to sugary treats. All in all they are a amazeballs (if you love coconut anyway).

5. Glute bridges

My leg day obsession from last month has taken a more specific turn this month. I’ve been loving weighted glute bridges. I recently started doing glute bridges using the barbell, as opposed to a single plate or medicine ball. It’s not the prettiest exercise, it’s basically hip thrusting and butt clenching, but my goodness can you feel it once you’ve completed your reps and sets.

6. South Park

My go-to show lately has been South Park. I have no idea where or why this started, but if I have a spare 20 minutes in the evening, I’ll chuck on an episode of South Park. I was never a huge South Park fan, but recently it seems to be my most watched show. Just hearing Eric Cartman’s voice makes my day that little bit lighter.

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