6 Things I’ve Been Obsessed with This November

Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

I can’t believe the end of November is upon us! Tomorrow will officially mark the arrival of winter, and more importantly, it’s Christmas tree weekend. It might seem early, but I love this time of year and in terms of putting up a tree, the first weekend of December seems reasonable right? Although I’m sad to see autumn come to an end, as a winter baby, my loyalty lies with the season of my birth. There are a few things I’ve been loving this month and here’s the roundup.

1. Dates

Just to clarify off the bat, I don’t mean romantic dates. I’ve had a pretty dismal month when it comes to romance. I mean the better kind – the edible kind! I absolutely love dates, but the problem is, I can’t just stop at two or three dates. Once I have a taste, I end eating them in double figures. And although they might seem healthy, after all they are a fruit, they have a very high sugar content. But I guess eating a bunch of dates is still healthier than a bunch of plastic-esk sweets. That said, this month I’ve been a teeny bit excessive with this sugary treat.

2. Emerald Living Meal Prep Containers

These containers have been game changing when it comes to preparing my lunch for the working week. In short, they are great. I went for the single compartment option, but there are different variations available if you like to separate out your food. As there are 10 containers, I use 5 for my lunch and 5 for fruit salads. They microwave really well, and I’ve had no issues with them at all. Buying these has inspired me to mix up my lunch options each week, and everyday I really look forward to my midday feast. If you’re after a good bunch of meal prep boxes, I’d definitely recommend these!

3. Cord pinafores

I’ve been obsessed with pinafores this month. In particular, corduroy pinafores. I wrote about my love of cord mini skirts a couple of months ago. But this month, it’s been all about the corduroy pini with a warm, fluffy jumper underneath. I know they aren’t to everyone’s taste, but I absolutely love them, they just scream autumn-winter to my soul.

4. Mince pies

OK, so judge me if you will for being super early on the mince pie wagon, but as soon as these become front and center in shops, I’m all over them like a rash. There are several reasons why I love Christmas, and these buggers are pretty high up on that list. 

5. Caffe Nero App

My love of coffee only really kicked in this summer since starting my current job. I completely blame Caffe Nero for my addiction to soya lattes. But this month, I downloaded the Caffe Nero app, and that’s because from the 2nd November – 31st December, whenever you use the app to pay, you get a little digital cracker to open! So far I’ve won a free drink and gained some extra stamps for my loyalty card, although each time I open a cracker, I’m praying I win a trip to Milan. I know it won’t happen, but the minuscule prospect it could, keeps me going back to feed my soya latte addiction with my app at the ready.

6. Modern Family

So last month, I was loving South Park, but I’m pretty much caught up with that, so I’ve switched to Modern Family to give me a quick TV fix when I’m not in the mood to do anything else. I used to watch Modern Family a while ago, but I stopped, I’m not sure why, it’s hilarious. I prefer quick, 20 minute shows that I can watch on NOW TV, to anything lengthy. I think as I’m getting older, my attention span is dwindling, that and my desire for a good nights sleep usually outweighs everything else! 

I love reading monthly favorites, so please do share a link to yours below!

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