27 Reflections on 2017

Photo by Harry Sandhu on Unsplash

My plan to blog weekly has epically failed. The last month at work has been manic and everything seems to have fallen by the wayside. But luckily, I now have a much needed couple of weeks off work to decompress and take stock of things before 2018 arrives. I’ve also had the unfortunate pleasure of turning 27 this month, which means I’m officially in my late-twenties – yay. So to wrap things up for the year, I though why not post 27 reflections on 2017. It’s a pretty indulgent post, but I was thinking if I ever read back on my posts when I’m older (and greyer), it will jog some happy memories. 

  1. Despite regular spring cleans, I always end up with a lot of stuff to donate or dump
  2. Grande Soya Lattes were my biggest drink weakness of the year
  3. Progressing my career took priority in 2017
  4. There was a distinct lack of travelling this year (to be rectified in 2018)
  5. Long lunches and dinners with friends kept me sane
  6. 2017 marked the start of a long and happy dining relationship with Dishoom
  7. This year saw the death of my go-to vegetarian option at Nandos (RIP). If you feel the pain like I do, please sign the petition to resurrect the Nando’s veggie burger
  8. Family was the biggest source of happiness and (sometimes) annoyance in 2017
  9. 2017 was a year of fashion firsts (queue thigh-high boots and bodycon dresses)
  10. The summer of 2017 was spent binge watching Game of Thrones for the first time
  11. My skin (really) dislikes skincare products, even the organic, natural kind
  12. Laser hair removal has been a complete game changer
  13. This year, I finally felt confident swimming front-crawl
  14. Dating continues to be a nightmare, with the 2017 Summer Bank Holiday weekend marking a particular low point
  15. My youngest niece (aged 1.5) decided to rename herself Moana (I can already tell she’ll be an absolute legend)
  16. I (really) struggle with using Twitter and Instagram (evidently)
  17. I discovered dropping your phone in the toilet (by accident) is a pretty common occurrence
  18. Parkrun is home to the kindest strangers. Thank you to the runner who gave me his gloves that bitterly cold Saturday morning
  19. Lifting weights and skipping has changed my body and mindset
  20. I look forward to my Monday morning commute because of the ever changing Spotify Discover playlist
  21. I value time alone and time with others in equal measure
  22. I spent too much to obsessing over things which are out of my control
  23. Someone told me that when you dislike someone, there’s usually something about them you dislike in yourself
  24. Writing down my goals increases my motivation to achieve them
  25. Exercising is the only time I really switch off 
  26. On the whole, I overspent, over-exercised and overthought things this year
  27. 2017 has been the year of the backpack

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