April 2018…Really?

Photo by Marco Secchi on Unsplash

*Emerges post-blogging hibernation to realise the first quarter of 2018 will be coming to an end soon – “What the Fudge?!”*

It’s been a while would be an understatement! 

You know when you just end up cocooned in your own bubble – that’s been me for the past few months. Sounds pretty self-absorbed I know, but it’s more the fact that I’ve not been in the mood to share or open up of late. That said, I have been in the mood to watch and learn from those around me. 

So what’s happened in 2018 so far? In age old fashion, my time has been mainly consumed by working, and working out. Although my fitness routine has hit a plateau recently and needs a bit of revival. I’m content at work and will be heading to pastures anew soon, which I’m pretty excited (and somewhat nervous) about. There always seems to be a lot of movement when it comes to my career, but stagnation when it comes to dating and relationships.

On the dating and relationships front, there has been some activity though – actually more than usual. There have been unsuccessful dates, a brief long-distance thing which resulted in a proposal (and an untimely ending), and just general interaction with some assclowns. I pretty much want to forget all of the above, although it’s been a learning experience to say the least! I suppose everything happens for a reason right? Rather than dwell on the context of what’s happened, some of which I’m sure I could ramble on about at length, I’m thinking it would be more beneficial to write about what I’ve learnt. Any thoughts on this would be most welcome. 

On the singledom front, I finally watched How to be Single last night, which I was pretty disappointed with! I thought it would be way funnier for some reason? I mean of course I was watching it for fact-checking purposes, it’s not like I need help understanding how to be single, I think I’ve mastered that pretty well! Anyhoo, I think that will suffice for now. I feel like I need to stretch and re-acclimatise myself to the blogosphere! 

6 thoughts on “April 2018…Really?

    1. I think am writing again lol – fingers crossed it sticks this time 😂

      Maybe I should ask you for advice too – it seems being single in that movie amounted to being wasted and going for random hook ups 😂 when my reality is a lot of time in the gym or thinking about food ha (or a combo of the two). How are you anyway?!

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      1. I hope you write more often. Fingers crossed, indeed.

        My advice will not help you in any way into being in a relationship. It will do the exact opposite. Yes, that movie is a lot about that. Your reality sounds interesting. Gym and thinking about food. Though, for me it’s just thinking about food. Gym had been in plans for a few too many years. I hope I will make it there someday. 😝

        I’m doing good, thank you. How are you doing? 😊


      2. I’m sending my gym thoughts your way 😂 might become your reality by association lol

        Ah good to hear it 🙂 and same thanks, chugging along as per usual 😊

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