April 2018…Really?

*Emerges post-blogging hibernation to realise the first quarter of 2018 will be coming to an end soon – “What the Fudge?!”* It’s been a while would be an understatement!  You know when you just end up cocooned in your own bubble – that’s been me for the past few months. Sounds pretty self-absorbed I know, … More April 2018…Really?

Would You Get Married Without Being in Love?

I’m really struggling to get to grips with this one. I’ve always thought I’d meet someone, we’d click, fall in love, he’d propose and we’d get married. Sadly, this hasn’t happened. Everything after the first bit – meeting someone – hasn’t happened. Actually to be fair, I’ve clicked with a couple of people, but it’s … More Would You Get Married Without Being in Love?